Difference between a quartz and granite worktop


Many clients often ask what is the difference between quartz and granite. We will explain the main differences between a quartz and a granite countertop.


Granite Worktops:

Granite is a natural igneous rock which is formed in the ground over millions of years. This is quarried out of the ground in blocks the size of a minibus. It is then cut into large slabs approximately 3meter by 1.9 meters.  Finally, it is polished using diamond tip polishing wheels and then shipped ready to manufacture your granite countertops. Granite offers more random veining and uneven colour patterns, especially in the light colours compared to a quartz countertop.


Granite Advantages


  1. Second most durable worktop (after quartz)

  2. Natural look

  3. Heat Resistant

  4. Strong especially dark colours


Granite Disadvantages


  1. Porous especially light colours

  2. Requires Re-sealing


Quartz Countertops:

Quartz Countertops is a natural crystal which is mined from the ground, it is one of the hardest stones in the world. This is then crushed into a fine sand and mixed with 3 to 7% polymer resin and other components. It is then set into slabs which are approximately 3 meters by 1.4meters. These engineered slabs are then polished using diamond tip polishing wheels and then shipped for fabrication. Quartz is manufactured with patented breton spa machinery.  In recent years quartz has become more and more popular due to the fact it comes in a vast range of colours. Many quartz manufacturers have started producing quartz that look like marble, but with the exceptional properties of quartz.


Quartz Advantages:


  1. Heat Resistant

  2. Non-porous

  3. Most durable worktop

  4. A wide range of colour choice

  5. Stain Resistant

  6. Antibacterial

Quartz Disadvantages:


  1. Expensive

  2. Restricted width size compared to granite.

In summary quartz and granite are both very durable surfaces, with quartz having the slight edge over granite. Both are very popular choices that will add value to your property and provide years of use.